domingo, 15 de março de 2009

Last day

I woke up early to go to mass (ignoring the Sisters' advice) and covered myself as much as I could in order to avoid having to much painting on my skin and hair, but at 5h30, everyone was still asleep, at noon, when the celebrations reached their climax I was indoors with the children of Daya Dan and when I got Holi had ended!

Where is Holi?

Since it was Holi, there were really few volunteers at mass and breakfast but also at Daya Dan. Therefore, I had the opportunity to have quality time with the children, enjoying and spoiling each one of them, kissing them goodbye. Once again, I had my heart in my mouth... as Mother Teresa said, "they give us so much more than we give them".

We went back to Sudder Street and I passed at the Ashreen to say goodbye, I made a tatoo a the Internet coffee and we went to Jojos for lunch!

And yes, we still had the chance to get a little bit painted! :)

After a last expresso at the Internet, I said "see you later" to my Kolkata Friends (with a very big "F"!!) and went to pack my things.

At 16h30 I left a really strange Kolkata. The Holi had ended and so had its crazyness... everyone was sleeping! My taxi drove me through a sleeping Kolkata, emptied of its noises and life, without people, cars, taxis, rickshaws, buses, stores, noises...

On Wednesday I left a different and unknown Kolkata but it was for the best: I keep the Kolkata I know - a most vivid and alive picture of Life - inside me, hoping to come back to her soon!

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